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DonKwiat is a producer of nursery and horticultural pots

We know that your work depends on the whims of the weather, and the business is unpredictable, so our goal is to overtake your expectations and bring to market innovative products that will support you at work. Ease of use and stimulation of plant growth are our common priorities.

To meet the new provisions of the EU Directive concerning the obligation to label plants, we are introducing pots with places for labels and barcode stickers.

Fast delivery

The ordered goods are delivered within 2-5 working days of the order. We maintain high stocks that allow for quick dispatch.

Product warranty

Guaranteed quality – when the product does not meet your expectations, you can return it or replace it.

24h orders

We invite you to submit orders via email or online shop.

Selection of models

More than 80 models of different types of pots tailored for every even the most demanding customer.

We regularly exhibit our products at trade fairs

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What customers say about us

Our customers appreciate our wide assortment, product availability, speed and timeliness, and very good value for money (as indicated by 88% of our customers). *

* Data and opinions come from customer surveys from the year 2018, carried out as part of a design audit by an external company.

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You can order samples of the selected pots, which will be delivered to the given address. Just contact us.


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