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Side length / Diameter



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Legend of markings:

– standard grooved bottom with holes – universal bottom for use on hard and soft ground.

– grooved bottom with more openings – bottom with more openings increasing drainage.

– bottom with mesh – the mesh provides greater drainage and air flow.

– flat bottom with low feet and holes – bottom used in agrotextile farming.

– flat bottom with high feet and holes – high feet allow hydroponic farming.

– hole for 2.5cm wide label.

– hole for 3cm wide label.

– hole for 4cm wide label.

– side openings on the entire wall – thanks to these openings, the plant takes up the ingredients from the surrounding soil.

– possibility to order side openings with larger orders – additional holes increase drainage.

– folded edge for lifting the flowerpot – a convenient handle helping carrying large flower pots.

– one enlarged step stiffening the flower pot.

– double step wall stiffening the pot.

– higher single step stiffening the pot.

– the flowerpot fits the tray offered by DonKwiat.

– fits into a thermoformed tray from other manufacturers.

Production pots

Flowerpots for gardening and nursery applications.

Specialty Pots

Pots for blueberries, conifers and pots with feet

Transport trays

As a complement to the offer, we propose transport trays for pots.


As a complement to the offer, we offer saucers.

Containers for cut flowers

As a complement to the offer, we offer containers for cut flowers.

Decorative pots

New type of wall-hanging pots, allowing to create a composition from plants.

Additional services

We offer additional services such as special colours of pots, prints and barcode labeling.

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